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Yuqu Red Rice Capsule

Product introduction

With the theory of traditional Chinese medicine as guide, it is a new-generation health food for reducing blood fat through scientific compatibility mainly on the basis of functional red rice rich in natural statin. Its main functions include: eliminating the garbage in the blood vessel, comprehensively regulating the blood lipids, repairing the vessel wall scars, preventing and treating the various cerebrovascular diseases; improving the diet and sleep, increasing the immunity, fighting the fatigue; embellishing the aperient bowel, excreting the toxin from the body, and having a certain role of losing weight and beautifying; promoting the forming of bone morphogenetic protein, and preventing the osteoporosis; helping to reduce the blood glucose, and reducing the occurrence of diabetic complications; and repairing the blood vessel and curing the brain and heart. 

Health food No.: G.S.J.Z. G20040622.