1.Meaning of “Tianjiquan”:

“Tijiquan” is sourced from the Book of Changes

“Tian”-- Fine weather and favorable geographical position, normal celestial movement, indicating that a man shall strive constantly for self-improvement;

“Ji” -- Basis, base, power of the earth, indicating self-discipline and social commitment; behaving is superior to action;

“Quan” – Man, indicating that every person enjoys the human rights;

Tianjiquan—Heaven, Earth, and Man

2. Corporate values: Win the world with virtue, and realize the wealth sharing;

3. Enterprise spirit: healthy and harmonious, diligent and pragmatic

4. Development direction: To develop the quantum medicine, and realize the technicalization and internationalization of Traditional Chinese Medicine;  

5. Business goal: Benefit the employees, and return to the society;

6. Enterprise philosophy: Make good friends, do good undertakings, and step the sound roads

7.  Enterprise style: Act resolutely, and succeed with speed

8. Brand strategy: Step the road of Yikang, and build a health brand

9. Code of conduct: priority of living, integrated with health maintenance

10. One, two, three, four, and five in enterprise culture:

One tenet: Take the promotion of human health and longevity as tenet;

Two levels: High quality level, and low price level;

Three policies: Serve the customers wholeheartedly, serve the customers from all aspects, and serve the customers by entire personnel;

Four first: Innovation first, customer first, quality first, and service first;

Five attempts:

Make attempts to improve the product design and manufacturing quality;

Make attempts to serve the customers;

Make attempts to innovate independently;

Make attempts to strengthen the enterprise management;

Make attempts to make the enterprise realize sustainable development.

            11.Promises of Tianjiquan people:

         Tianjiquan carries forward virtue, for virtue carries the civilization.

         Tianjiquan advocates cooperation, for cooperation gathers a team.    

         Tianjiquan likes action, for action affects the result.

         Tianjiquan is particular about details, for details decide the success or failure.

         Tianjiquan upholds appreciation, for appreciation makes people understand the significance of cherish.

         Tianjiquan stresses return, for the people will be struggling for return.

         Tianjiquan loves contribution, for contribution reflects the value.       

         Tianjiquan is striving for excellence, for excellence can achieve a brand.