1. Starting a business in Shenzhen 

Starting a business in Shenzhen

    Founded in 2001, Tianjiquan Health Technology Group is a national high-tech enterprise, which is composed of Tianjiquan Health Service Co., Ltd., Tianjiquan Hengrentang Technology Development Co., Ltd., Tianjiquan Health Technology Product Co., Ltd., and Tianjiquan Health Technology Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd. It is devoted to provide green and high-tech medical health care services for millions of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and in sub-health status and it explores the solutions for comprehensive healthy development of human body, heart, and spirit. Songshan Shaolin Temple is the cradle of China’s Buddhism Zen Sect, and the birthplace of Zen Sect and Shaoling Kung Fu. High technology has become the theme of modern development. The informationization is brought to different places in the world through Internet, and meanwhile, Shaolin monasteries have gradually went to the world stage, and Shaolin monks are not only warriors any more. Shi Yanbao, president of Tianjiquan Group is from Shaolin Buddhism, and he is one of well-renown four protectors of Shaolin. In the lofty Songshan, he was enlightened by light of Buddha and realized the true essence of great love—to get the spiritual state of an immortal with great love. In the first year of a new century, Mr. Shi Yanbao and Mr. Zhang Laixing, a senior media planner from Hong Kong, cooperated with each other to start a business in Shenzhen, establishing Tianjiquan, to jointly initiate a health career, transfer the health with love, and serve the public with health.

2. Pioneering on the basis of quantum medicine

ioneering on the basis of quantum medicine

    At home, Tianjiquan took the lead to introduce the quantum medicine technology from Europe and America, and invented epoch-making new products –QRS quantum resonance health information detector and SLT semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument. After struggles for 10 years in the first five-year plan, second five-year plan, and the first two years of the third five-year plan, Shi Yanbao, leader of Tianjiquan, has led an elite team and developed three core advantages: characteristic enterprise culture of great love, unique amazing products, and distinctive terminal network. Tianjiquan has developed by leaps into a group of health industry well-known at home and abroad legendarily from a small health service company in Shenzhen. Tianjiquan is a leader in application field of quantum medicine, a high-tech enterprise recognized by Ministry of Science and Technology, and one of top 100 private enterprises in innovation of China. Tianjiquan marches forward with big strides on the road of internationalization, and it has obtained EU CE certification, ISO13485 certification and ROHS international environmental protection certification. Its products are sold to South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Arica, EU and USA, and have been listed into appointed rescue products by UN International Emergency Center, and also it has been rated as global strategic cooperative partner.  

3. Yikang health service in the mode of chain throughout the world to deliver the health with great love

Yikang health service in the mode of chain throughout the world to deliver the health with great love

    Tianjiquan delivers the health with love and helps the public with health. In 2001, the first health station of Tianjiquan was opened grandly in Zhenye Road, Shenzhen City, which started a new mode of community-based health service—Yikang health service of global chain. Yikang mode shows an integration of health management, green detection and physical therapy service, expert lecture, and health angle’s love. It has developed community-based health station for the aged, and won the sincere trust and support from the aged. In this way, “family doctor” is invited to the home, and also the good reputation of Tianjiquan is spread to different places.

4.Serving the representatives of the two conferences for four continuous years 

Serving the representatives of the two conferences for four continuous years

    On March 10, 2007, on the front page of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, it introduced that Tianjiquan Group had been invited to take part in National People's Congress and Political Consultative Conference for four continuous years (2004-2007), to provide health examination and treatment services for the representatives and committee members attending the two conferences, disclosing that an enterprise from Shenzhen was trusted by the leaders of the two conferences, gloriously served as the health ambassador of two conferences, delivered health to the representatives and committee members attending the two conferences, therefore, adding luster to Shenzhen brand, which was an exciting event in the industry of Shenzhen. To accomplish this glorious task, president Shi Yanbao led more than 30 professionals in medicine to Beijing in person for four continuous years, to examine the body health conditions of more than 2,000 CPPCC members in 10 service points without stop. The amazing effect of Tianjiquan health brand was recognized by the representatives and CPPCC members, and also its professional service was highly praised. After closing of the fifth meeting of tenth NPC, Tianjiquan “health ambassador” returned in triumph. “We are tired, but it is very significant, for it shows the recognition from the state to us, a private enterprise!” said by president Shi Yanbao powerfully. 

5.Inheriting the Shaolin spirit 

Inheriting the Shaolin spirit

    Sourced from Shaolin Buddhism, Tianjiquan always helps those in poverty and difficulty, and shows integrity. It once made efforts to fight SARS; went to Wenchuan for disaster relief in the first time; donated to build gerocomium and Hope Primary School in impoverished mountainous area; and strictly punished the forged and fake commodities harmful to the people. It has raised the trends of health delivery with love, and spread the spirit of great love and the idea of green health throughout the country. Therefore, Tianjiquan has been widely praised in the entire society. 

    For ten years, Tianjiquan has delivered the health with love throughout the country, and helped tens of millions of patients to return to the healthy status again, therefore, truly realizing the Buddhist ideal of great love “being merciful and helping the people”. Therefore, it has made an important contribution to the building of harmonious society, and been highly praised and cared by the CPC (Communist Party of China) and state leaders. 

6.Yielding unusually brilliant results in High-tech Fair for 12 continuous years 

Yielding unusually brilliant results in High-tech Fair for 12 continuous years

    China Hi-tech Fair, founded in 1999, has become a top platform of high technology at home and even at abroad. Tianjiquan is tightly bound to China High-tech Fair. From the 3rd fair in 2001 to the 14th fair in 2012, Tianjiquan attended it for continuous 12 years. Tianjiquan has developed by leaps into a leading group of health industry in treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and sub-health care renowned at home and abroad.

    Adhering to the lofty idea of “deliver the health with great love, and benefit the mankind with technology” given by President Shi Yanbao, Tianjiquan is devoted to the innovation in health concept, high-tech and green healthy product, and service mode, to lead the development with innovation. After 12 years of hardworking and sweat, Tianjiquan has achieved striking achievements from a company unknown to the public. With innovative products one by one, it has become a shining star in High-tech Fair of every year. Here, Tianjiquan has showed its strong innovation strength and achievements to the people, increased the popularity of its brand, spread the culture of great love and the brand-new health concept, and made the friends from different places in the world. With the calling of great love, lots of people with lofty ideals have been attracted to devote to the health undertaking of Tianjiquan. 

7.Health delivery with love, to bring joy to the whole country 

ealth delivery with love, to bring joy to the whole country

    Tianjiquan is not only a success in business, and the core value of “great love” endows a higher social significance to health undertaking of Tianjiquan. With great love, Tianjiquan has developed unique enterprise culture, and the employees have built the lofty ideal to devote to health undertaking. Self-confidence, friendliness, struggle, contribution, iron discipline, and sense of responsibility have modeled its indestructible cohesion and team spirit. Entering into Tianjiquan, you will feel the high-spirited work passion and warm affection.  

    Tianjiquan Group has always followed the lofty idea “care the human life and benefit the human health with technology” put forward by President Shi Yanbao and upheld the enterprise culture with “great love” as core. It has held many large sodalities for thanksgiving at different places throughout the country: reaching Hainan in the south, Jilin in the north, Shandong in the east, and Gansu in the west …., to express thanks to the new and old customers and deliver the health to thousands of households persistently! Tianjiquan insists on devoting itself to integrating the modern quantum medicine and ancient Chinese health preservation with a grateful heart, to provide green health care solutions to hundreds of thousands of people in sub-health status and with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with first-class high-tech products and community-based care services, so as to pay back the society! 

8.Return of heart with love, showing the positive energy 

Return of heart with love, showing the positive energy

    The health undertaking of Tianjiquan is originated from “Love”. Tianjiquan people have built the magnificent building of health undertaking of Tianjiquan with “love” after development for 13 years. Nowadays, Tianjiquan is a leading enterprise in global quantum medicine industry, the first brand in treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and sub-health care of China, and also a model of loving enterprises in China.

    At 9:00 a.m. on April 10, 2013, Tianjiquan Group started the “return of heart with love” launching ceremony in the national market. From Hainan in the south to Jilin in the north, Shandong in the east to Gansu in the west, in the venues arranged at different places throughout the country, flags were waving, fireworks were setting off, and vows could be heard. A song “Return of Love” was sung throughout the country. There were many people in front of love banners. An event to spread the culture of great love and carry forward the spirit of great love was inaugurated. We called for the return of traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, the return of great love, and the return of heart to love. We advocated the whole society to love the party, nation, parents, others, and themselves. We should love each other, to jointly build a beautiful society in happiness and harmony. In the event “return of heart with love”, “Love Ambassador” and “Love Star” were selected from the lecturers and loyal users making contributions to great love undertaking in the national market of Tianjiquan to be commended, and invited to Headquarters of Tianjiquan to investigate the origin of love, and share the joy of health and great love. 

    The nationwide launching ceremony of“Return of heart with love” event of Tianjiquan was echoed throughout the country, and it was reported by many media, and widely praised by the whole society, from which more people have known and understood the true essence of great love culture. Tens of thousands of people signed “Love” on the love banners throughout the country, showing the eager expectation of the whole society for return of heart to love. Tianjiquan will apply for Guinness World Records based on this.

9.Chinese dream—Tianjiquan’s dream of health 

Chinese dream—Tianjiquan’s dream of health

    A nation which is weak would be bullied; a nation not renascent would be discredited to be the descendant of the dragon. The Chinese dream is to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, making the Chinese people enjoy better education, more stable work, more satisfactory income, more reliable social guarantee, higher-level medical health service, more comfortable housing conditions, and more beautiful environment; live richer and more dignified life; and realize the free and all-round development of every person. 

    With a high sense of responsibility, Tianjiquan has been devoted to the work for the public good. It was especially invited to provide health services for the representatives of the two conferences for continuous four years. It held the “Tianjiquan Cup World Kickboxing Championship 2011”; and undertook the “Colorful General Changying’s Photo Exhibition 2012”, where, 32 generals including 4 marshals visited to Tianjiquan to celebrate the Army Day with Tianjiquan people. In 2013, Tianjiquan marched to the world stage, and its products SLT and QRS have been listed by UN International Emergency Center as appointed rescue products, and moreover, Tianjiquan has become a global strategic cooperative partner of UN, which greatly improved the brand of Tianjiquan, therefore, developing a farther and wider development space for the future development of Tianjiquan.   

   The dream of Tianjiquan is “to deliver the health with great love, and help the public with health”, to make the whole Chinese nation be healthy. Under the guide of great love, to realize the “dream of health of Tianjiquan” is a practical action all Tianjiquan people strives to realize the “Chinese dream”.

10.Acting with love and charity· a promise of millennium

Acting with love and charity· a promise of millennium

    Great love is a persistent pursuit of Tianjiquan people. “Acting with love and charity” is a public welfare program of millions of persons signing for love torch relay and return of heart with love and medical service with charity. “A promise of millennium” ceremony for public good is a gift and summarization to celebrate the 15th anniversary of UN millennium development goals. 

    From August to October 2015, Tianjiquan held the millions of persons signing for “love torch relay and return of heart with love”. From Beijing to Pearl of the Orient Hong Kong, prairie of Inner Mongolia to treasure island Taiwan, Yantai in Bohai Bay to Seoul in Korea, Shanghai in Yangtze River Estuary to the Land of Abundance Sichuan, the love torch was relayed in more than 20 cities of China and more than one million people from 30 cities throughout the world attended the signing activity of “return of heart with love”. 

    On November 2 to 3, 2015, Tianjiquan was entrusted by Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China International Cultural Communication Center, and United Nations Association of the People's Republic of China to grandly hold the summary commendation conference to celebrate the 70th anniversary for establishment of the United Nations and the 15th anniversary for implementation of millennium development goals of the United Nations in China—“A promise of millennium” grand ceremony and vocal concert for public good.

    President Shi Yanbao led more than 12,000 Tianjiquan people from different places of the country to walk into the solemn Great Hall of the People to hold the “Acting with love and charity · a promise of millennium” grand ceremony for public good to celebrate the 70th anniversary for establishment of the United Nations and the 15th anniversary for implementation of millennium development goals of the United Nations, and also he established a public welfare charity foundation, to donate money and equipment totaling RMB 10 million to “medical service with charity” activity.