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    Founded in 2001, Shenzhen Tianjiquan Health Technology Group Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Shenzhen Tianjiquan Health Technology Group, and Shenzhen Tianjiquan Group) is a national high-tech enterprise, which is composed of Tianjiquan Health Service Co., Ltd., Tianjiquan Hengrentang Technology Development Co., Ltd., Tianjiquan Health Technology Product Co., Ltd., and Tianjiquan Health Technology Industrial Park Management Co., Ltd. It is devoted to integrating the traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, quantum science and Internet technology. It mainly develops health technology, Yikang chain system, and online remote diagnosis, three major industries. So far, it has possessed over 20 province-level branches and more than 4000 chain outlets, with products sold to South Korea, Germany, South Africa, and Southeast Asia, etc. 

    Upholding the idea “care the human life, and achieve the health with technology”, Tianjiquan is devoted to developing quantum medicine. It has developed GSLT Semiconductor Laser Therapeutic Instrument, QRS Resonance Health Information Detector, Microscopic Detector of Blood Cells, Yikang Oxygenerator, Yikang Anion Health Instrument, and other products. It is superior to the peers at home and abroad in quantum medicine development research and product development, and has become the leader in the industry! Adhering to the lofty idea “care the human life, and achieve the health with technology” given by President Shi Yanbao, Tianjiquan advocates the new concept of “high-tech and green health care”, and it is engaged in building the carrier of human green health.

   Upholding the value “win the world with virtue, and realize the wealth sharing”, Tianjiquan carried forward the work style “act resolutely, and succeed with speed”, and has built an invincible employee team. Tianjiquan has led lots of cooperative partners to step onto the road of health and the road of wealth.